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Pitchengine is a news platform
Matching your news with interested readers

Post news, get it delivered

Create and post any kind of news you want. Hit publish and we’ll find relevant places for your news to get delivered and discoverd.

Grow your audience

All your news lives on your page where people can find and follow your news stream. Each time you post something new, we’ll let them know.

Manage, measure everything

From your dashboard you can follow other pages, edit your content and see analytics to learn all kinds of stuff about your news and your readers.

There's a page for everyone
Find the best fit for your news

Local Business

Brands or Products



Your customers are hungry

They love your brand and they want to hear from you. Pitchengine is a great way to stay connected with them.

Each time you post we’ll notify your followers with an email.

Customers can call or message you with one click from their phones.

Need some extra visibility? Promote your posts to nearby news streams instantly.

Media's next frontier

Finally a digital news option that works. We pioneered the Community News Stream and now it's all yours.

Give your whole team of writers, editors and contributors access to post from mobile or desktop.

Provide local businesses and organizations with automated, sponsored posting to your news stream using a credit card.

No tech skils necessary here. Do what you do best and we’ll match your news with local readers.

A news stream with style

Is your pressroom looking a little 1.0? Give it a makeover with a modern news stream from Pitchengine. Best in class on desktop and mobile.

Post a quick update or style a rich media release with ease.

Every pitch is optimized for search and social and can be distributed to national media.

Get Visibility Reports for each pitch you publish with our real-time analytics.

Post some news

Twitter has the tweet, Pitchengine has the pitch. Pitches are easy to create. You can post pitches to your website, social networks and news outlets. Readers and other publishers can repitch them to their own Pages.

Promote your news

Push your news to nearby news streams or national publications instantly. Get a visibility report for each pitch you promote.

And there's more
There’s too much to list, but here’s the gist

Control and customize

Use your images and embeds from sites like Instagram, YouTube and more to create each pitch. Then, style it just the way you want.

Automagically optimized 

We’ll optimize your pitch for the best presentation on desktops and mobile devices making it easy for your customers to find and follow you.

Manage, measure everything

You can add multiple users to your account and manage everything in one place. We’ll track your Pages and pitches so you can see how your content performs.